Saturday, June 5, 2010

So A little update! I Finally moved out of Raintree!! Yeah... Believe or not I'm out of Raintree!! life it's so wonderful now.. I live at Dixie Red Sands. I have 3 Wonderful Roommates, they're the BEST.... Last semester I didn't have good luck with the Roommates, so it wasn't a good semester for me:(.. but it's all good. Now I'm very content with the Roommies that I have. I'm still At Cafe Rio. Hmmm Not too excited about that But it's a job hahaha.. I also Volunteer at the E.R every tuesday.. it's the highlight of my week:)... I love it there.. I'm secretly in love with a nurse there hahaha (Creepy right?)... He is the cutest guy ever. (not physically). He has the best smile i've ever seen.. everytime I see him I just say to myself.. Mmm I just want to marry you!!!! hahaha... I'm not sure if he's married or not.. he never wears a ring.. trust me, I check his finger everytime I see him.... He's way older than me hahaha.. oh well. welcome to my world..

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